Fall 2005 Schedule

Date: 10 September
Contest: Patcon
Club: IPMS Patriot Chapter
Location: First Congregational Church, 25 Woburn Street, Reading MA
Phone/E-mail: Bart Navarro, 617-590-6676, Bb396sa@comcast.net
Web site: http://home.earthlink.net/~billkaja/ipmspatriots/home.htm
Notes: Note new location

Date: 17 September
Contest: AMPS-East
Location: Newburgh Armory, 329 South William St., Newburgh NY
Phone/E-mail: Olaf Kievit, 860-409-0638
Web site: http://home.comcast.net/~ampsct/AMPSEAST_2005_M1.pdf
Theme: Armor, dioramas and figures only

Date: 9 October
Contest: Modelfest 2005
Club: IPMS Stratford-Igor Sikorsky
Location: K of C, Bridgeport Avenue, Route 1, Milford CT
Phone/E-mail: Ray Prokoski 203-315-8630, Raymond.prokoski@snet.net
Web site: http://www.ipmsstratford.org/
Theme: General model contest

Date: 16 October
Contest: Granitecon XIII
Club: IPMS Granite State Modelers Club
Location: Elks Club, 120 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua NH
Phone/E-mail: Rodney Currier 603-726-3876, ipmsgsmc@hotmail.com
Web site: http://www.gsmcipms.org/
Theme: General model contest

Date: 22 October
Contest: HVHMG 19
Club: IPMS Mid Hudson Valley
Location: Elks Lodge, Overrocker Rd, Poughkeepsie NY
Phone/E-mail: Doc Wisman 845 567-0476, docf225@msn.com
Web site: http://www.hvhmg.com/
Theme: General model contest

Date: 6 November
Contest: Baycon
Club: Bay Colony Historical Modelers
Location: Knights of Columbus, Route 123 W, South Attleboro MA
Phone/E-mail: Robert Magina 508-695-7754, treadhead@comcast.net
Web site: http://www.ipmsbaycolony.com/mambo/baycon/Baycon%202005%20flyer.pdf
Theme: General model contest

Date: 20 November
Contest: Long Island Figure Show
Location: Recreation Center, Freeport, LI, NY
Web site:
Theme: Figure show and small contest: open judging for al categories